Imagine your establishment filled to the walls with guests waiting to be involved in a the kind of show they have never seen before. This is a personal experience of total audience engagement. Miracles occur with objects borrowed from the guests, their minds are read, numbers they call out are manipulated in uncanny ways, and every single one of their names are memorized and called back to them during the show.

For café and restaurant shows, there is a segment of close-up magic in which the magic happens right at your patron’s tables. It is elegant, intimate artistry that they will be talking to their friends about and sending them to your establishment for a long time to come.

“I’d like to recommend Brian Foley’s extraordinary magic show for you and your guests.

“Brian first performed for us at the Cross-Roads Café in Delhi, NY several years ago. He packed the place, and we actually had to turn customers away, to come back another time.

“Since then we’ve engaged him two more times and would like to have him back again.

“His magic is extraordinary because it’s not just tricks. He knows how to work the audience and personally engage everyone he performs for.

“The actual tricks are fantastic, but even more, he memorized each guest’s name and addresses them by it during the show. Many people mentioned this to me later, and asked when Brian would be performing here again.

“I’d recommend Brian’s act for any venue. You and your guests will be enchanted.”

Pamela J. Guy, Cross-Roads Café, Delhi, NY

It’s easy to book an evening of exceptional magic with Brian Foley. And it’s just as easy to publicize it for maximum attendance.

For more information about how to book “The Amazing Great” for your establishment, use the contact page.

Here’s and excerpt from a show in a Center for the Arts:



Smithy Center for the Arts Letter oF Recommendation

Smithy Center for the Arts Letter oF Recommendation

The Amazing Great Harry Kellar Quotation


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