“It was a pleasure today to complete a series of “Math and Magic” as presented by Mr. Brian Foley. Mr. Foley, working with the Roxbury Arts Group, presented the program to our C.R.O.P. students in grades 5 through 8. The series involved visits on 3 separate days.

“The students who participated in the Math and Magic series really enjoyed what Mr. Foley showed them. Mr. Foley presented mathematical facts to the students in such a way, it was impossible for them not to have fun and success. It was entertaining as well as academically beneficial. The lessons empowered even those children who struggle the most with math facts.

“My staff and I truly enjoyed watching Mr. Foley work with this group of children (who aren’t easily impressed). The students asked constantly when he was coming back! He was funny, energetic and worked hard at getting the kids to understand the concepts behind the magic.

“I would recommend Mr. Brian Foley is a positive addition to any mathematics class or curriculum. He brings a positive, fresh approach to subject matter many children find daunting or dull.”

Most sincerely,
Candace Gockel

PS – Brian, as always, it’s been a pleasure to have you work with our kids. Thanks again! – Candy

 C.R.O.P. ( Creating Rural Opportunities Partnership) Site Coordinator
Stamford Central School, NY.


Dear Mr. Foley

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding program you gave to our students, and tell you of the impact it had on one individual student.

The Presentation

“What a treat to have you working with our students. The tricks not only taught magic but incorporated verbal, sequencing and memory skills as well. Surprise! The students were learning valuable skills and enjoying it. Your manner was professional and inviting. The students loved working with you and would like to have you back again

The Real Magic

“Who: a student named Abraham. Abraham attended your workshop here at Bugbee. He is a shy student and on the introverted side. Making eye contact and speaking to others or challenges for him.

“What: you chose Abraham to be your partner for one of the activities. Also during the presentation you called on him to answer questions. When doing so you always addressed Abraham by name.

“Wow!: Following Saturday’s program, Abraham has been more talkative and outgoing. His tutor has noticed a marked difference in him. The confidence gained by this student is absolutely incredible. The game came about, not only from learning a new art form, but from being recognized and appreciated.

“Mr. Foley I applaud your talent and I thank you very I thank you for an amazing workshop and I thank you for recognizing the student in need of support and for giving him an opportunity to shine. This is truly what our “Discovering the Arts” program is about.”


Jennifer Johnson, Arts Program Coordinator ,Oneonta’s Migrant Education Outreach Program

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