Experience, Professionalism, Imagination and Total Audience Participation are the elements that go into making your event special.

When you engage Brian Foley for your event, you are gaining the experience of a performer who understands your audience and your professional needs.

Flexibility and reliability are valuable traits in any project. When you partner with Brian, your event benefits from a showman who is also a team player, who listens to your needs to help you make your event a major event for all concerned.

Be it business meeting, company holiday party, trade show or convention, Brian understands your objectives, and can help with motivation, client attraction, product introduction, or breaking the ice at hospitality suites.

From the stage, walk-around, or among your guests at their tables, you can count on professionalism, decorum, and top-notch entertainment.

Here are some of elements of an unsurpassed program:

Amazing Sleight-of-Hand

This is not hyperbole. Brian has written books and given lectures on the subject to other professional magicians. You have to see it to believe it – but of course, you won’t be able to see it! The sleight-of-hand goes unnoticed, and you’re only able to see the wonderful effects of it, as it happens right under your nose. That’s what makes it so good!

Intense Sleight-of-Mind

You have probably heard of people who can memorize dozens of names at a time. How about hundreds? How do you think your guests are going to feel when Brian addresses them all by name throughout the performance? You get a PERSONALIZED show when you book Brian’s act. And your guests will remember that!

Watch Brian pull people’s thoughts right from their minds! Numbers, cards, dates, people’s names – almost anything!

Mind-Magic brings your guests closer together. It’s Brian’s unique, fantastic ice-breaker.

Outrageous Sleight-of-Mouth

Lots of entertainers are funny, but how many do you know who can make a presentation out of something as dry as mathematical magic actually roll-on-the-floor hilarious?

And of Course, the Classics

It wouldn’t be a magic show without some of the tricks people always talk about. This time, though, just watch the unique way they are done. “The same old rope trick” become an entirely new experience-of-the-absurd in Brian’s hands.

“Sit back and relax, knowing that the entertainment portion of your show is taken care of, and …


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“Your engaging demeanor, your pleasant comportment as well as the uniqueness of your artistic effects decidedly lead to the success of our program.”

Transatlantik Forum – BMW

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